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Just imagine that you can play sports - as often as you’d like - on the beach, one of the most beautiful areas in our country. With our Beach Fitness & Sports program, Beach Stadium offers you just that. We have years of experience in playing sports on the beach and starting this May, this will be accessible to everyone.

Outdoor sports on the beach is the perfect way to work out. Recent research shows that spending more time outdoors is beneficial to both your mental and your physical health, and that playing sports in the open air is the best option for your overall health. And by working out on the beach, you work on both your condition and your strength, which is the perfect combination.

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Advantages of playing sports on the beach:

  • Good for your physical and mental health
  • The perfect workout on the best ‘playground’ in the world!
  • Well-known classes in XCORE, BODYPUMP as well as Small Group PT and yoga!
  • Access to the baddest sports events and special workouts
  • Fun! We add a healthy dose of fun to your workout!
  • The sand provides a maximum effect on your overall fitness and your muscles
Bekende workouts op het strand

Well-known workouts on the beach

During the summer months we offer well-known lessons, such as BODYBALANCE™, BODYPUMP™ and XCORE, as well as Small Group PT, Yoga, Rugby, Beach tennis and Beach soccer. Classes and sports everybody knows. And the sand makes them even more enjoyable and challenging. No matter how well-trained or experienced you are.

Our workouts

Welcome to Beach Stadium The Hague

You are more than welcome to join us as a member, with a multisession ticket or for a single lesson. And of course we offer Free Trial Lessons as well.

At Beach Stadium we never cancel or skip a class. Nothing can stop us! ‘Even in case of heavy rains or a storm?’ Yep. Simply because we really love the power of the elements on the beach. Nothing can make us happier. And of course, we hope our workouts make you happy as well. Fun is an important factor for us. Simply because when you do something you enjoy, you’ll do it more often and with great enthusiasm.


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