Beachstadium The Hague

You find Beachstadium literally on Scheveningen beach. In our stadium and pavilion, which offers room to 2.000 visitors, everybody is more than welcome during the beach season to come play sports, visit an event of organize one yourself. On this special location we work on our mission to get people to work out, whether you are an absolute beginner or a well-trained sportsman.

Sporting in the sand, by the sea is great. It gives you a feeling of freedom and generates pure energy. At Beachstadium sportsmanship, innovation and energy always take centre stage. And we turn any and all outdoor sports into a unique experience. The sun on your body, the wind in your hair, and the soothing sea air all around you. The elements give you energy, power and inspiration. Spending time on the beach simply makes you happy.

Also, the soft surface limits the stress you put on your muscles and joints, while the workout feels a lot heavier and you burn more calories. All this ensures that even a short workout has a maximum effect. Whatever sports you play. And that makes beach sports beneficial on all levels. And thus, it has a positive effect on your entire well-being.