Beachstadium is a popular location for sporting events. With its wide stadium facilities and spacious accommodation, Beachstadium and its partners organize many beautiful sports at every level during the beach season. For example, Beachstadium is host to various beach top sports Dutch National Championships and recreational sports events. Beachstadium works together with sports associations, commercial sports providers and charities such as the Hartstichting. Beachstadium also develops its own productions such as the 'Dutch Surffestival' and 'Lach je Fit'.

Beach sports events in 2022 to note:

June 18 & 19
North Sea Beach Rugby

July 2
Les Mills Beach Workout

July 16 & 17
Dutchweek @The Beach

July 28-31
Police & Fireman Games 2022

August 12-14
NK Beach Volleybal

August 21
NK Beach Korfbal

September 19-23
Nationale Sportweek

October 1-2

October ½
Dutch Surffestival

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